Aleksandar Kapisoda


The semantic approach for tracking scientific publications

Publications in peer-reviewed Scientific Journals are seen as a performance indicator reflecting the productivity of a research-based pharmaceutical company focused on innovation and new therapeutic concepts for unmet medical needs. A new corporate publication tracking system serves Boehringer Ingelheim employees and the Research leadership team as an important benchmark and tracking tool for “Boehringer Ingelheim Papers” published in the global scientific community. Our semantic approach comprises the results of automated literature database alerts and manually curated & enriched data for tracking, storing and visually analysing published articles in peer-reviewed scientific journals, based on semantic analysis of publications coming from Boehringer Ingelheim authors.

Using semantic technologies to analyse and track publication data in a manner that facilitates the subsequent reuse of both the metadata and the manually curated data.  The raw analysed data are displayed graphically in a generic RDF web browser using interactive SVG tools to browse and filter the analysed data. This approach demonstrates that semantic technology is an appropriate technology to record and track scientific publications, using flexible analysis procedures to interpret xml and manually added metadata.

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Aleksandar Kapisoda is an experienced data scientist with a degree in information and knowledge management from the University of Applied Sciences in Stuttgart, Germany. He is part of the "Senior information scientist" team in the Scientific Information Center (S.I.C.) at Boehringer Ingelheim Pharma GmbH & Co. KG in Biberach, Germany.

As a driver for innovative technologies in the field of data sciences at Boehringer Ingelheim with over 10 years’ experience in the information management landscape he is using and implementing commercial and open source data science solutions to solve issues in challenging projects in the life sciences and pharmaceutical industry.

Since 2005, he has been coordinating several information management projects in the area of Knowledge Representation, Information Retrieval, Web crawling, Visualisation, Text Mining as well as Semantic Technologies.  Thanks to his practical experience he is providing an excellent overview of product development, software & information landscape architecture, search, taxonomies, ontologies, linked data, RDF, visualisation, NoSQL- and semantic databases. Bringing new technologies into a BIG PHARMA company with > 47,000 employees is not an easy endeavour but BI´s Corporate Vision "Value through Innovation" encourages people to pursue ideas when they are convinced to generate an added value to the organization itself.

Senior information scientist