Evolution of Semantic Technologies in Scientific Libraries

This talk presents our experience with the evolution of semantic technologies in scientific libraries.

Director, Semantic Search, Yahoo Labs


Semantic Search at Yahoo

Starting in 2008 with the introduction of “rich” snippets that incorporate structured data from result pages, Yahoo has been a pioneer in extending search functionality from pure document retrieval to search over structured data or “knowledge”.


Slow-cooked data and APIs in the world of Big Data: the view from a city perspective

Have you ever thought about the relationships between fast food and data? You may well think that fast food chains make a strong use of large sets of data, and you will be probably right. And what about the slow food concept? How much is it related to our data-intensive world?

Chief Technology Officer


Internet of Things and Semantic: Model both the real and virtual world

In this session, we will cover the importance of relations and relativity of physical objects around smart sensors and devices, and how modeling them in a unified world could help enrich observations and data that’s not possible otherwise when trying them as simply distinct units.

Chief Information Officer at World Peace One


Data Mining for Good: How Linked Data is Transforming Cities

The rapidly increasing release of open data from local and national governments around the world provides an opportunity to understand social, economic, and environmental issues within and among cities and countries.

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