An outlook into the world of data centric business, technologies and innovations

Data is everywhere these days and efficient data management is THE key factor for success in nearly all industries in the meantime. McKinsey lists data as a key factor for production alongside with labor and capital in one of their recent reports(1). Furthermore, Data is produced in huge amounts by sensors, social networks or mobile devices and the amounts of data available worldwide grow exponentially…

What: MeetUp Smart Data Solutions
Place: Haus der Ingenieure, Eschenbachgasse 9, 1010 Wien
Date: 15.09.2015
Time: Entrance: 18:30pm CET ; Start event: 19:00 - 22:30pm CET
Costs: free, registration needed (people registered to the conference: registration is not mandatory)

To create value out of such data is the credo of SMART DATA SERVICES & SOLUTIONS and all the important trends of the last years are part of this as: Open Data & Linked Open Data (LOD), Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data and-and-and ...

The MeetUp ‘Smart Data Solutions’ taking place on 15.9.2015 combines these topics and brings together all related communities, to present viewpoints, discuss solutions and draw an outlook into the world of SMART DATA SOLUTIONS! The event is designed as an interactive mix of presentations, lightning talks and open discussion as well as a lot of networking!


Nika Mizerski
Semantic Web Company
Sandra Stromberger 
Digital City Vienna



Registration & Networking




Short Talks - Smart Data Solutions & Innovation (15')



8 x 5mins Lightning Talks (5')


  • Frank Fichtenmüller: SMART Recruiting Projekt

  • Quinn Reifmesser (REEEP): Climate Tagger – connecting on-line climate data and knowledge through a climate smart thesaurus

  • Sebastian Hellmann (University of Leipzig): The DBpedia+ Data Stack: How can we sensibly exploit open community-curated data for enterprise data spaces?

  • Clemens Wass (openlaws): open data goes law

  • Sebastian Egger (AIT): 
    Do we control Smart Data — or does Smart Data control us?

  • Gerald Gartner ( Making News Personal 

  • Johann Höchtl (Danube University Krems) & Jürgen Umbrich (WU): Open Data Quality - Issues, Initiatives and the Austrian Project ADEQUATe

  • Stefan Gindl (Modul University): Sentiment analysis, the research area that identifies opinions and emotions in written text.

from 20:45/21:00

Networking with drinks and finger food

(1) McKinsey: ‘Big data: The next frontier for innovation, competition, and productivity’
(2) Smart Data - Innovationen aus Daten





The 6 planned lightning talks have been selected via an open call that was open until 04.09.2015.
Please register yourself for the event to support better planning!