Categories and Placing

The ELDC is given in two categories:

  • Linked Open Data Award
  • Linked Enterprise Data Award

This year the ELDC is awarded in the categories Linked Enterprise Data and Linked Open Data, with 2 x 1.500,- for the winners. Winners also get  tickets for the SEMANTiCS conference in September this year. Second and third place will get an honorable mention together with the ELDC trophy.

What is the working principle of ELDC?

At the heart of the contest is an international jury of ambassadors from over 15 European countries. Those ambassadors act as country representatives to look out for the most exciting projects, people and products and select the winner of the contest.

Who assesses the submissions?

Your country ambassador looks for the most promising project in his (your) country. He may organize a vote, a country contest or other mechanisms to find out who starts as finalist for the ELDC. Find your ambassador and the given procedure for assessing the national finalist at your country page (to be found here successively). For those countries we did not found an Ambassador the Jury will be constituted by the members of the general Conference Chair Board.


Your project, product or industry implementation should show:

  • a high degree of innovation
  • network effects
  • the usage of open standards
  • technological matureness
  • potential usability and utlisation in multiple domains
  • comprehensibility for users and the public

Who is eligible to submit?

Every individual, company, association, institution or informal group of individuals is eligible to submit nominations. Submitters should have their focus of activity in Europe.

How is my submission treated?

The two-step contest consists of a country-wise nomination, followed by a pan-European contest.

  • Nomination is open for all eligible submitters. The submission page is open between 1st of April and 31st August, 2015 (extended)
  • Country-wise nomination: Find your ambassador and the given procedure for assessing the national finalist at your country page (to be found here successively).
  • Winner will be chosen by the Jury out of the national finalists voted by secret ballot.


  • March 2015: Setup the network of ELDC country ambassadors
  • April 2015: Call for Nominees
  • August 31, 2015: Extended Submission Deadline    
  • September 2015: Country finalists are chosen and presented
  • September 2015: Jury to vote on the winners of the pan-European contest
  • September 16, 2015: Award ceremony at SEMANTiCS 2015