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Speaker (in order of programme) Affiliation Talk      
Jeanne Holm NASA Data Mining for Good: How Linked Data is Transforming Cities   ABSTRACT SLIDES
Andreas Blumauer Semantic Web Company A Five-Star Rating System for Semantic Search   ABSTRACT SLIDES
Aleksandar Kapisoda Boehringer Ingelheim The semantic approach for tracking scientific publications   ABSTRACT SLIDES
Jaana Takis, Aqm Saiful Islam, Christoph Lange and Sören Auer University of Bonn & Fraunhofer IAIS Crowdsourced Semantic Annotation of Scientific Publications and Tabular Data in PDF ACM ABSTRACT  
David Kuilman Elsevier A Content Model for Elsevier Optimized Learning Suite   ABSTRACT  
Simon Dalferth Council of the EU The votes of the EU Council and beyond. Bringing semantic technologies to the General Secretariat of the EU Council   ABSTRACT  
Miroslav Liska (Marek Šurek) Datalan, a.s. Toward Government Linked Data: A Slovak Case   ABSTRACT SLIDES
Heiner Oberkampf OSTHUS GmbH Semantics for Integrated Analytical Laboratory Processes – the Allotrope Perspective   ABSTRACT SLIDES
Carlo Trugenberger InfoCodex AG Scientific Discovery by Machine Intelligence: A New Avenue fro Drug Research   ABSTRACT SLIDES
Dieter Weitz GfWM How can Semantics and Knowledge Management methodologies benefit from each other   ABSTRACT  
Sam Rehman EPAM - Integrator     ABSTRACT  
Tudor B. Ionescu Siemens Austria AG Architecting Semantic Process Mining-Driven Optimization and Adaptation of Business Workflows for the Mobility Industry   ABSTRACT SLIDES
Alexandra La Fleur, Adrian Paschke and Kia Teymourian Freie Universität Berlin Complex Event Extraction from Real-Time News Streams ACM ABSTRACT  
Hoan Nguyen Mau Quoc and Danh Le Phuoc Insight Centre for Data Analytics, National University of Ireland, Galway An elastic and scalable spatiotemporal query processing for linked sensor data ACM ABSTRACT  
Mike Doane Gravity Zero Using Semantics to Enhance Bodyworn Camera Video for Law Enforcement   ABSTRACT SLIDES
Roland Fleischhacker (Sonja Kabicher-Fuchs) DEEPSEARCH GmbH Using semantic technologies to identify the concerns of a caller in a big contact center of Stadt Wien – Wiener Wohnen   ABSTRACT SLIDES
Hans-Christian Schmitz Fraunhofer Institute for Communication, Information Processing and Ergonomics FKIE The MIP Information Model   ABSTRACT SLIDES
Vera Meister (Jonas Jetschni) University of Applied Sciences Brandenburg Development of a Semantic IT Service Catalog in a German Public Organization   ABSTRACT SLIDES
David Baehrens Averbis GmbH Large-Scale Patent Classification at the European Patent Office   ABSTRACT SLIDES
Ba Lam Do, Tuan Dat Trinh, Peb Ruswono Aryan, Peter Wetz, Elmar Kiesling and A Min Tjoa Vienna University of Technology Toward a Statistical Data Integration environment - the Role of Semantic Metadata ACM ABSTRACT  
Paul Warren, Paul Mulholland, Trevor Collins and Enrico Motta Knowledge Media Institute, Open University, U.K. Making Sense of Description Logics -- Paul Warren, Paul Mulholland, Trevor Collins and Enrico Motta ACM ABSTRACT  
Georgios Santipantakis, Konstantinos Kotis and George Vouros University of Piraeus, Dept. of Digital Systems Accessing and Reasoning with Data from Disparate Data Sources Using Modular Ontologies and OBDA ACM ABSTRACT  
Thomas Bosch, Erman Acar, Andreas Nolle and Kai Eckert University of Mannheim The Role of Reasoning for RDF Validation ACM ABSTRACT  
Florian Bauer REEEP Using open data thesauri to connect climate platforms   ABSTRACT SLIDES
Juan Sequeda Capsenta Bootstrapping a Virtual Semantic Data Warehouse   ABSTRACT  
Stephen Buxton MarkLogic When RDF alone is not enough - triples, documents, and data in combination   ABSTRACT SLIDES
Christian Dirschl Wolters Kluwer Deutschland GmbH Alignment of data and software developmen lifecycle - first use cases from Wolters Kluwer   ABSTRACT SLIDES
Clemens Wass Openlaws GmbH Case study openlaws EU Project   ABSTRACT SLIDES
Paul Meinhardt, Magnus Knuth and Harald Sack Hasso Plattner Institute, University of Potsdam TailR: A Versioning Platform for the Web of Data ACM ABSTRACT  
Sokratis Kartelias (Stefanie Seidl-Walz) adidas Delivering the most relevant and compelling digital content to the adidas consumers   ABSTRACT  
Matthias Wauer, Andreas Both, Stephan Springer, Orri Erling and Martin Nettling Unister GmbH Integrating custom index extensions into Virtuoso RDF store for E-Commerce applications ACM ABSTRACT  
Natanael Arndt, Markus Ackermann, Martin Brümmer and Thomas Riechert Leipzig University Knowledge Base Shipping to the Linked Open Data Cloud ACM ABSTRACT  
Matthias Klusch, Ankush Meshram, Andreas Schütze and Nikolai Helwig Centre for Mechatronics and Automation Technology (ZeMA) iCM-Hydraulic: Semantics-Empowered Condition Monitoring of Hydraulic Machines ACM    
Ilian Uzunov (Georgi Georgiev) Ontotext Scaling Semantic Technology to Increase User Engagement -   ABSTRACT SLIDES
Oscar Corcho UPM Slow cooked data and API in the world of Big Data   ABSTRACT SLIDES
Peter Mika Yahoo Research     ABSTRACT  
Fabian Heinemann Roche Semantic data integration in the health care industry   ABSTRACT  
Muntazir Mehdi, Yasar Khan, Andre Freitas, Joao Jares, Stefan Decker and Ratnesh Sahay INSIGHT @ NUIG A Linked Data Platform for Finite Element Biosimulations ACM ABSTRACT  
Alessandro Seganti Cognitum Clinical decision system for GIST cancer   ABSTRACT SLIDES
Vincenzo Orabona (Raffaele Palmieri) Eustema Spa Semantic Web technologies to increase Web Experience Management during Web Information Portal fruition   ABSTRACT SLIDES
Ian Piper Tellura How a little structure goes a long way in educational content   ABSTRACT SLIDES
Tomas Knap EEA s.r.o., Charles University in Prague UnifiedViews in COMSODE pilot projects   ABSTRACT SLIDES
Lieke Verhelst Linked Data Factory Ontology Development ..the Lean way   ABSTRACT SLIDES
Sana Al Azwari and John N. Wilson University of Strathclyde Updating OWL2 ontologies using pruned rulesets * ACM ABSTRACT  
Mamoun Abu Helou and Matteo Palmonari University of Milano-Bicocca Cross-Lingual Lexical Matching with Word Translation and Local Similarity Optimization ACM ABSTRACT  
Jyun-Yao Huang, Christoph Lange and Sören Auer University of Bonn & Fraunhofer IAIS Streaming Transformation of XML to RDF using XPath-based Mappings ACM ABSTRACT  
Angelos Charalambidis, Antonis Troumpoukis and Stasinos Konstantopoulos NCSR Demokritos SemaGrow: Optimizing Federated SPARQL queries ACM ABSTRACT  
Abdullah Almuhaimeed and Maria Fasli University of Essex A Semantic Method for Multiple Resources Exploitation ACM ABSTRACT  
Eelco Kruizinga DNV.GL (CTCN) A Matchmaking Assistant to support developing countries in battling climate change   ABSTRACT SLIDES
Klaus Tochtermann Director of Leibniz Inst     ABSTRACT  
Alexander Deles EBCONT How Semantics even can improve a market leading digital product and optimize it's production workflow!   ABSTRACT  
Achim Steinacker intelligent views gmbh Technical Documentation in the age of Industry 4.0   ABSTRACT SLIDES
Sandro Rautenberg, Ivan Ermilov, Edgard Marx, Sören Auer and Axel-Cyrille Ngonga Ngomo University of Bonn & Fraunhofer IAIS LODFlow – a Workflow Management System for Linked Data Processing * ACM ABSTRACT  
Rüdiger Schütz Müller Medien GmbH & Co. KG Semantics as a driver for improving ad conversion   ABSTRACT  
Jan Benedictus FontoXML Authoring semantically rich content made easy and fun!   ABSTRACT  
Cedric Lopez, Farhad Nooralahzadeh Viseo SMILK Plugin: Linked-Data and NLP Based Intelligence in Browsing the Web   ABSTRACT  
Julien Gonçalves Reportlinker Named entity recognition and disambiguation using an iterative graph processing system   ABSTRACT SLIDES
Anastasia Dimou, Ruben Verborgh, Miel Vander Sande, Erik Mannens and Rik Van de Walle Ghent University - iMinds - Multimedia Lab Machine-Interpretable Dataset and Service Descriptions for Heterogeneous Data Access and Retrieval ACM ABSTRACT SLIDES
Davide Gazzè, Angelica Lo Duca, Andrea Marchetti and Maurizio Tesconi (Short Paper) IIT-CNR An Overview of the Tourpedia Linked Dataset with a Focus on Relations Discovery among Places ACM ABSTRACT  
Ivan Ermilov & Tassilo Pellegrini (Short Paper) UAS St. Pölten, Department of Media Economics Data Licensing on the Cloud - Empirical Evidence and Implications ACM ABSTRACT  
Marco Fossati, Dimitris Kontokostas and Jens Lehmann Fondazione Bruno Kessler Unsupervised Learning of an Extensive and Usable Taxonomy for DBpedia * ACM ABSTRACT  
Diego Esteves, Diego Moussallem, Ciro Baron Neto, Tommaso Soru, Ricardo Usbeck, Markus Ackermann and Jens Lehmann Leipzig University MEX Vocabulary: A Lightweight Interchange Format for Machine Learning Experiments ACM ABSTRACT  
Mohamed Ahmed Sherif and Axel-Cyrille Ngonga Ngomo Uni-Leipzig An Optimization Approach for Load Balancing in Parallel Link Discovery ACM ABSTRACT  
Michiel Hildebrand Spinque BV CultuurLINK: Connecting Cultural Heritage   ABSTRACT SLIDES