CB-NL Conceptlibrary for the Built environment in the Netherlands


View of the concept Cable-stayed bridge in CB-NL

Cable-stayed bridge is a subtype of Bridge. The semantic definition formulates the discriminating property by which it is distinguished from its parent.
It also gives the supertypes in the taxonomy, from which it inherits all given discriminating properties.

The CB-NL is an initiative of the BIR (Dutch Building Information Council),
a national platform which includes: Public clients, Contractors, Engineers, Installation Industry and Architects.
Digital miscommunication in the construction industry due to the lack of a clear common language stands at the root of this initiative. CB-NL defines this common language for the Netherlands and aims for better interoperability among the stakeholders of the construction industry.
CB-NL is a digital dictionary/taxonomy based on the semantic definition of generic and re-usable concepts (types). These concepts apply to physical objects, functional spaces, and properties, which are related to each other. It is usable in the whole lifecycle and covers the building subsectors: utilities, housing, civil sector etcetera and has a important link to geo-information (GIS).
It is free to use in any way: it is an open standard, which will be mandated by public clients.
The CB-NL is now a working and stable concept library with validated content and is also partly in English, for communication purposes and future use in other countries.
It has in general two main functions.
1. It may be used by organisations to make their own ObjectTypeLibrary, based on the content of cb-nl.
2. It is a linking mechanism between different context libraries (also geo-libraries), which are mapped to cb-nl.
Version 1.0 of CB-NL is delivered and transferred to the newly founded ‘Stichting BIM-Loket’ at the end of spring 2015.
You may have a look at the content of CB-NL: http://viewer.cbnl.org
The CB-NL is a joint effort of representatives of different parts of the sector.

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