Ian Piper


How a little structure goes a long way in educational content

Each of the three case studies illustrated in this talk shows how the introduction of a little structure goes a long way in improving the organisation's capability to make the most of its content. The talk covers three very different educational organisations and their very different products, and describes some of the technical challenges and innovations encountered in each. This talk will also highlight, as lessons learned, how important it is to implement good governance and good business practices to back up the technical and information aspects of the development.


Ian Piper has worked as an information architect since before there was such a term, and even before the advent of the web. His company, Tellura, works with a wide variety of public sector and commercial organisations, including government bodies, education institutions, publishers, automotive, telecoms and pharmaceuticals companies. 
Most of his work in the last 15 years has been in educational publishing, working with clients ranging from school level through further and higher education to professional development. 
He has had a long-standing interest in development of controlled vocabularies for the categorisation of content, and the development of linked data eco-systems to explore information spaces. He looks forward to the day when everything really is deeply intertwingled (with apologies to Ted Nelson).