Jan Benedictus


Authoring semantically rich content made easy and fun!

Introducing Semantic Intelligent Tooling into the authoring process helps to engage authors. Engaging authors is relevant for many industries, among which publishers, technical documentation, education. 

Tooling is used to providing authors real-time feedback on content-quality and by pro-actively suggesting tags, links and consistent language. 

Jan Benedictus will adress what the potential gains are when experts from within or outside an organization get activily involved in authoring. He will talk about what drives motivation and how this influences authors. Furthermore he will show examples of how Semantic Intelligence can be applied to make structured authoring easier to do. Examples include: Automatch recognition of entities while typing; Sugestion of links, tags and relations. 


Jan Benedictus MSc. is an experienced entrepreneur with focus on online publishing and content strategy. He has the Dutch nationality and works and lives in The Hague. 

Jan has over 15 years of experience in online Publishing. He founded interactive agency Liones in 1999 and FontoXML in 2013. 

Based on experience in designing, building and optimizing websites and applications, his 35 person team now develops and implements SME centered authoring for publishers, government and enterprises. Jan is actively involved in many of the implementation projects.