LOD Laundromat


LOD Laundromat architecture

LOD Laundromat architecture

The LOD Laundromat (http://lodlaundromat.org/) is a platform that cleans, harmonizes and republishes Linked Open Data (LOD). Over the last 15 years many people have tried to clean Linked Open Datasets on a one-at-a-time basis. The LOD Laundromat takes a radically different approach. It cleans the entire LOD Cloud in days not decades. The LOD Laundromat currently serves more than 38,000,000,000+ triples from over 650,000+ datasets in a single, uniform and standards-compliant format for others to use.

Besides cleaning and (re)publishing the entire LOD Cloud, the LOD Laundromat also provides a wealth of state-of-the-art Web Services for querying, finding, and browsing its enormous LOD collection. For instance, all 650,000+ datasets can be queried online using the Linked Data Fragments (LDF) approach.

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