Pharma & Life Sciences

Session 1.4

Wednesday, September 16, 2015 - 11:00 to 12:00
D2 Works. 1
Ratnesh Sahay


Knowledge Engineer


Semantics for Integrated Analytical Laboratory Processes – the Allotrope Perspective

The software environment currently found in the analytical community consists of a patchwork of incompatible software, proprietary and non-standardized file formats, which is further complicated by incomplete, inconsistent and potentially inaccurate metadata. To overcome these issues, Allotrope Foundation is developing a comprehensive and innovative framework consisting of metadata dictionaries, data standards, and class libraries for managing analytical data throughout its life cycle. In this talk we describe how laboratory data and semantic metadata descriptions are brought together to ease the management of a vast amount of data that underpins almost every aspect of drug discovery and development.


Scientific Discovery by Machine Intelligence: A New Avenue fro Drug Research

Potential uses of machine intelligence in health care applications have made big waves in the news recently. While the focus has been mainly in diagnostic help, there is another realm where the potential is staggering, that of speeding up drug research. I will describe a first concrete example, a pilot project of Merck using the InfoCodex software, in which semantic machine intelligence was successfully used to comb through large quantities of biomedical research papers in search of hidden correlations pointing to new biomarkers for diabetes and obesity.