Ambassador Heimo Hänninen


Heimo Hänninen

Heimo Hänninen, the Ambassador for Finland is senior consultant at Talent Base Oy.

Experienced business analyst, architect transforming business needs to knowledge, information and data models.

Digital Marketing requires high quality metadata about: your consumers, your products, product data and marketing content, your partners, your sales activities and pricing, to mention a few. Linked Open Data and semantic technologies are robust, yet flexible way of merging and managing metadata for marketing from different sources. With LOD you can also realize Linked Enterprise Data in wider scope. Master Data Management together with LOD and LED helps you connect data across silos, near and far.


  • business analysis
  • data architectures 
  • business ontology, taxonomy and vocabulary design (SKOS, RDF, Topic Maps)
  • master data management and data standards
  • creative mind to break down complex tasks into more digestible chunks. 
  • personable and professional enjoying dialog with both, business and IT people. 

Systemic thinking is mandatory when designing data models:

  • business drivers and scenarios (focus on data abstraction and objectives: what is needed and why? where do you want to go?)
  • user stories (focus on user research: how to use the data? who needs the data?)
  • information flow (focus on process: identify systems, how data flows? what data and where? )
  • data/information sources (focus on integration, inventory and feedback: where and how to get? what is it in details? how to improve it?)

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