Ontorion Server with SDK - Semantic Information Management Framework


Ontorion - Semantic Information Management

Ontorion - Semantic Information Management

Ontorion™ is a Reasoning Knowledge Center that allows natural language, linked data (semantic) searches against Big Data and globally distributed databases. Ontorion™ better describes its powerful business value as a center at the intersection of Big Data, linked data, and knowledge management.

Semantic Web standards
Ontorion™ supports major W3C Semantic Web standards: OWL2, SWRL, RDF, SPARQL. Ontologies can be easily imported from various formats, exported to various formats, and accessed with SPARQL.

CNL embedded
Controlled Natural Language allows users to easily manipulate and query knowledge databases in a ‘natural language’ fashion. It opens semantic.

Scalability & Security
Ontorion™ Server can be deployed as a distributed cluster with multiple nodes for both scalability and security. With its multiple-node deployment system Ontorion™ serves thousands of simultaneous users, and it is more fault-tolerant.

Enterprise Integration
Ontorion™ Server can be integrated easily with existing IT infrastructure, knowledge management solutions, data storage, and analytics systems, both in the cloud (Azure) and on-premise (Windows Server / Linux).

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Quick deployment
Ontorion™ is a comprehensive solution for semantic database management. Simply install it, configure user access, and start authoring ontologies. There are tools for importing existing ontologies so the migration of current semantic archives is an easy process.

Professional Support
Cognitum offers professional support, training, and services that will help build and deploy specific semantic solutions. We can assist you with ontology engineering and build custom applications. There is also a growing worldwide partner network.



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