Rüdiger Schütz


Semantics as a driver for improving ad conversion

Müller Medien serves as one of the leading German publishing companies in the field of online/mobile marketing and directory advertisement (e.g. Yellow Pages, White Pages, SEO, Search Engine Advertising) esp. for small and medium enterprises (SME).

MON, a subsidiary of Müller Medien has developed a framework of semantic representations comprising web services for a semantic web crawler, which can be used for auto classification and clustering the content of web sites, as well as web services for retrieving keyword clusters based on a system of facets and several thesauri for the relationships of branches.

There a several implementations of the framework – from the automatic enrichment of SEO landing pages, the enhancement of search experience for white and yellow pages online and improving search facilities of web portals to tools for sales reps. The presentation will focus on one of the sales tools.

Facing the transition from print to online/mobile marketing the needs of customers as well as the expectations of users have changed a lot during the last decade. Customers are demanding information about the return on invest of their spendings in online advertisement, users of directories and search engines prefer solutions for problem solving and like fast access to deep data. The publishers' sales people on the other hand will benefit from being provided with sales tools offering ways of finding the best advertisement packages for their customers, e.g. keyword clusters, radius search and branches. Since yellow pages are based on branches the tool helps here by combining a thesaurus of business categories with semantic information.

The semantic framework by MON provides sales people with keyword clusters based on a conceptual network, related categories, a competitor analysis and information about the return on invest. So, sales reps are enabled to check the advertising potential for each customer by using this tool.


Rüdiger Schütz, studied German Languages (Linguistics) at the University of Duisburg/Essen. After finishing his university education first he worked at the publisher Data Becker, Düsseldorf, where he was responsible for leading the department of product management for language teaching software. Since 1996 he is leading a dept. of the development of electronic media at Müller Medien, comprising the topics thesaurus management, web analytics, semantics and SEO. He is part of several task forces for the Yellow Pages and White Pages Germany contributing tools, thesauri and dictionaries for those directories. Beyond that he holds a lectureship in Linguistics at the University of Duisburg/Essen.

Web analytics and taxonomy consulting