Nominees and Ambassadors


Ambassador Hele-Mai Haav

by Tallinn University of Technology | Overall rating: 0

Hele-Mai Haav, the Ambassador for Estonia. is a senior researcher at Institute of Cybernetics at Tallinn University of Technology.

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Register App Engine Graph API

by Register OÜ | Overall rating: 0

Register App Engine Graph API feature (aka Graph API, is a RESTful service providing access to continuously maintained linked open government and

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by Artem Katasonov, Senior Scientist at VTT Technical Research Center of Finland | Overall rating: 0

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Heimo Hänninen

Ambassador Heimo Hänninen

by Talent Base Oy | Overall rating: 0

Heimo Hänninen, the Ambassador for Finland is senior consultant at Talent Base Oy.

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Semantic as a service.  GT and NP Components.

Semantic as a service. The complexity of semantic engineering is encapsulated inside GT and NP Components and hidden behind a very simple network interface.
The application development is traditional because majority of semantic related aspects are encapsulated in NP or GT Components that are external and already accomplished.

Semantic as a Service

by Ali Hassan | Overall rating: 0

Section One: Innovation - Semantic as a Service

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Architecture of the Compliance Navigator

Architecture of the Compliance Navigator

Compliance Activator

by Analytical Semantics | Overall rating: 0

Compliance Activator is a service based on innovative semantic analysis technology. It supports compliance managers in identifying changes in regulations which might be relevant for their work.

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by Technische Universität Dresden, Professur für Prozessleittechnik | Overall rating: 0

R43ples (Revision for triples) is an open source Revision Management Tool for the Semantic Web.

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LinDA Query Designer

by Decision Support Systems Laboratory,School of Electrical and Computer Engineering, National Technical University of Athens | Overall rating: 0

LinDA Query Designer can be used to create simple or complex linked data queries in a drag-n-drop manner, similar to SQL Query Designers of relational database management systems.With LinDA Query D

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Ambassador Spiros Athanasiou

by Institute for the Management of Information Systems | Overall rating: 0

The ambassador for Greece, is specialized in geospatial data management and location based services, open data and PSI reuse, data catalogs and data infrastructures, geospatial web services.

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Hungarian Cultural Dataset -

by MTA SZTAKI DSD | Overall rating: 0

This dataset aims at publishing the contents of Hungarian archives as Linked Open Data based on the National Digital Data Archive of Hungary.

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