Nominees and Ambassadors



Main screen of MapXplore, highlighting some of its features.


by Csaba Veres | Overall rating: 0

What are the most important kinds of things in any city in the world? Public buildings? Mountains? Museums? Find out with MapXplore.

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Public Contracts as Linked Data -

by I2G | Overall rating: 0

The portal (literally spot your market) allows to discover knowledge about public contracts in Poland, particularly about the stakeholders – both contracting authorities and contract

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The figure illustrates a query processed on example database of Nobel Prizes.

Vincit Search - dynamic views creator for semantic data

by VSoft SA | Overall rating: 0

Data views predefined by a database administrator are often not detailed enough. The templates can’t meet all of the user’s informational needs.

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Dr. Agata Filipowska

Ambassador Dr. Agata Filipowska

by Poznan University of Economics, Department of Information Systems | Overall rating: 0

The ambassador for Poland, Agatha Filipowska is Assistant Professor on the Poznan University of Economics.

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Ontorion - Semantic Information Management

Ontorion - Semantic Information Management

Ontorion Server with SDK - Semantic Information Management Framework

by Cognitum | Overall rating: 0

Ontorion™ is a Reasoning Knowledge Center that allows natural language, linked data (semantic) searches against Big Data and globally distributed databases. Ontorion™ better describes its powerful business value as a center at the intersection of Big Data, linked data, and knowledge management.

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Semantic Perspective Project

by Stefan Harsan Farr | Overall rating: 0

The Semantic Perspective Project is an entirely new approach to information and knowledge representation, where information composition is done via “meaningful perspectives“: what the meaning of a concept is, when viewed from the perspective of a different concept, hence the project’s name. This approach is radically different from the mainstream linked data approach and it was born from the assumption that structure-first approaches are inadequate for representing information, because information is inherently structure invariant.

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by Institute Mihajlo Pupin | Overall rating: 0

GEM (Geospatial-semantic Exploration on the Move) is a cross-platform geospatial exploration tool that offers a rich mobile experience and overcomes the limitations of conventional solutions by exploiting all strengths of the Linked Open Data paradigm, such as built-in semantics in open, crowd-sourced knowledge found in publicly available sources, loaded and filtered on-demand, according to user’s needs, in order to prevent maps from overpopulating.

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Exposing educational metadata as Linked Data 1.0

by Enayat Rajabi | Overall rating: 0

(LED) This project recommends an approach for exposing IEEE LOM, a metadata standard for educational contents, as Linked Data.

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by Ontology Engineering Group and National Library of Spain (Main contact: Daniel Vila-Suero) | Overall rating: 0

(LOD) The data service of the National Library of Spain (BNE),, makes available a wide collection of Linked Open Data under a Public Domain License (CC0). This knowledge graph with more than 10 mil- lion connected entities using open web standards serves two main goals: (1) enhanced end-user expe- riences when searching and browsing the catalogue, and (2) enable reuse and repurpose of the data via open APIs and SPARQL . The service, in continuous development, has been identified by BNE library managers as the future main entry point to the vast cultural collection of the library for both end-users and applications. 

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Ambassador Oscar Corcho

by Universidad Politécnica de Madrid | Overall rating: 0

Oscar Corcho, the amabssador for Spain, is an Associate Professor at Departamento de Inteligencia Artificial (Facultad de Informática , Universidad Politécnica de Madrid), and he belongs to the Ontology Engineering Group.

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