Nominees and Ambassadors


Ambassador Kerstin Forsberg

by AstraZeneca | Overall rating: 0

The Ambassador for Sweden, Kerstin Forsberg is Information Architect and Informatics Analyst

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Social Network Sentiment Analysis for security uses using: Apache Flume and Hive

by marouane ouerhani | Overall rating: 0

We can do analysis on data collected from social Network for many uses . In this paper, we are going to talk how effectively sentiment analysisis done on Twitter data using Flume.

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United Kingdom

Unilexicon: A vocabulary editor and content tagging suite

by František Malina, Unilexicon | Overall rating: 0

New collaborative tools for creation and management of taxonomies, and using them to tag content. Simple knowledge organization system (SKOS) thesaurus software for distributed groups and organisations.

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BSI Compliance Navigator

by Shirley Bailey-Wood, Director of Information Solutions at BSI Standards | Overall rating: 0

BSI (British Standards Institution) develops standards for the international market.

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